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My advice to anyone considering purchasing a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is as follows:

1. Buy from a registered breeder. Check with the Canine Association of WA on (08) 9455 1188 who will advise if the breeder is registered. The names in the breeders’ directory are only those who have chosen to pay money and advertise with the CAWA. There are lots of other registered breeders, but they can be difficult to find

2. Make sure the breeder is health testing. As a minimum Cavalier breeders should be heart testing. A condition known as Mitral Valve Disease is the most prevalent health condition in Cavaliers. It is claimed that 50% of Cavaliers will have a heart murmur by the time they reach 5 or 6 years of age. This is substantiated by published research. A certificate is issued by a veterinarian, preferably a specialist, stating that the dog is clear from heart disease. Heart testing should be done on a yearly basis. Ask the breeder for recent clear heart certificates. Certificates should be made available for both the sire and dam of the puppy. Some breeders will also test for hereditary eye disease. Certificates are also issued, also preferably by a specialist

3. Make sure you have adequate support from the breeder. Reputable breeders will supply information about the puppy’s pedigree, how to look after the puppy and will also include a vaccination certificate, a microchip, plus other relevant information. Registered breeders do not sell puppies before they are 8 weeks of age.

4. Responsible breeders will discuss both the positive and negative aspects of the breed. They will also allow you to visit (providing all of their dogs are adequately vaccinated), will have their dogs living in clean living quarters. They should ask you lots of questions. Some breeders may ask you to complete a questionnaire to assess your suitability as a potential owner of a puppy.

5. When discussing the purchase of a puppy, ask the breeder questions such as:

  • At what age do they breed their dogs? If it is before two years of age, ask them why.
  • Are the parents registered with the Canine Association of Western Australia? Can their registration certificates be sighted?
  • Ask where the dogs are from, did they breed them or where did they purchase them from?
  • Can you see a pedigree for the dog you are purchasing?
  • Ask what is being done to try and reduce the risk of MVD? If the breeder does not know, and does not discuss with you a clear plan of health testing the dogs being bred from, then steer clear!
  • Can the breeder tell you of other health issues in the breed?
  • Can the breeder produce copies of health certificates for the parents of the puppy?
  • Does the breeder exhibit dogs at conformation shows?
  • Does the breeder belong to a Cavalier breed club or local dog club?
  • Is the breeder a member of the CAWA?
  • Does the breeder sell puppies on spay and neuter contracts?
  • Heart clinics for Cavaliers are co-ordinated by Julia Logan in Western Australia on a regular basis, and veterinary heart specialists have sessions set aside where Cavaliers can be taken to their clinics on an ad hoc basis, Has the breeder arranged to have the dogs heart tested?
  •  Ask the breeder why does she/he breed? Ask them “is it for the betterment of the breed or personal / financial reasons?”.
  •  If the breeder is selling puppies without CAWA papers then the breeder cannot call them purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and they are not a registered breeder.

Then you need to ask yourself:

"How much investment (time, money, commitment for the betterment of the breed) has this breeder put in to producing quality puppies?"


Is this really a reputable breeder or someone who sees a way to make a quick dollar?

Canine Association of WA registered breeders are obliged to abide by a Code of Ethics. This offers you as a puppy buyer some peace of mind, rather than purchasing from an unregistered breeder who has no obligation to abide by a Code of Ethics and cannot provide you with a certificate of registration for their puppies.


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